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Browse through a variety of sample database files, test database files, or dummy database files for your various needs, available for free download. You can find a wide range of sample database files, dummy database files, or test database files, including .DB, .SQLITE, .NSF, and more. Below, you’ll find a table of sample database files covering every sample database file you need. Whether it’s .DB or .SQLITE, you’ll find a list of sample database files to choose from. Click on the file extension in the table to be redirected to the respective page for each database file. Then, you can select different file sizes for each sample file to download. Additionally, by scrolling down the specific sample database file page, you can find a preview of that sample file.

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File ExtensionFile Type
.TETextease CT Database File
.MARMicrosoft Access Report
.NMONEYDenaro Account
.DTSXDTS Settings File
.GDBInterBase Database File
.TEACHERSMART Response Teacher Database File
.ITWInTouch With Database
.DDLData Definition Language File
.ITDBiTunes Database File
.NYFmyBase Database File
.PDBProgram Database
.MDFSQL Server Database
.SQLITEDBSQLite Database
.DBMobile Device Database
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.FDBLegacy Family Tree Database
.MUSICLIBRARYApple Music Library
.FMPSLFileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
.TVDBApple TV Database
.DBCFoxPro Database
.CDBPocket Access Database
.DACONNECTIONSRemObjects Data Abstract Connections File
.ACCFTMicrosoft Access Data Type Template
.SDXStarMoney User Database File
.DASCHEMARemObjects Data Abstract Schema File
.ACCDCMicrosoft Access Signed Package
.V12All The Right Type Database File
.ACCDEAccess Execute Only Database
.ACCDTMicrosoft Access Database Template
.MARSHALMarshal Data Migration Model File
.TRMOracle Trace Map File
.UDLMicrosoft Universal Data Link File
.DBDatabase File
.SQLITE3SQLite 3 Database
.ECOECCO Database File
.PANPanorama Database File
.HISFindinSite Database Definition File
.APPROJActivePresenter Project
.ALFACT! Lookup File
.ODBOpenDocument Database
.SQLStructured Query Language Data File
.TRCSQL Server Trace File
.SISSisma Database File
.TEMXCemetery Registry Database File
.ABSAbsolute Database File
.DB.CRYPTWhatsApp Encrypted Database
.DB3SQLite Database File
.$ERGroupWise Database
.4DL4th Dimension Database Log File
.FILACL Database Table
.RODRIB office Database File
.CPDRoboHelp Cache Project Database
.NV2NewViews 2 Database File
.DP1DataPower Database File
.GDBGPS Database File
.FICWinDev Hyper File Database
.FP3FileMaker Pro 3 Database
.BTRBtrieve Database File
.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.SQLITESQLite Database
.MDBMicrosoft Access Database
.OQYMicrosoft Excel OLAP Query
.DB.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CDBSymbian Phonebook Database
.WMDBWindows Media Database File
.DXLDomino XML Language File
.P97Win97 Database
.QVDQlikView Data File
.DB-WALSQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
.ASKaskSam Database
.DLISDLIS Well Log Data File
.DBFDatabase File
.MDWAccess Workgroup
.PXPC-Axis Statistical Database
.FLEXOLIBRARYFinal Cut Pro Library Database
.MUSICDBApple Music Library
.DCBConcordance Database File
.FDBFirebird Database File
.HDBHansaWorld Database File
.FMFileMaker Database
.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.ACCDBAccess 2007 Database
.DBSSQLBase Database File
.FDBMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.USRFileMaker Pro Database File
.DB.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.SDFSQL Server Compact Database File
.FRMMySQL Database Format File
.CRYPT15WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.XLDMicrosoft Excel Database
.ADPAccess Data Project
.CRYPT7WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.PDMPowerDesigner Database File
.CRYPT1WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.MAVAccess View File
.SDBServerBoss Database File
.WDBMicrosoft Works Database
.CRYPT9WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.DSNDatabase Source Name File
.DB-JOURNALSQLite Rollback Journal File
.ADFACT! Data File
.FP7FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.CRYPT14WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.MBTILESMapbox Tileset
.EXBEvernote Database File
.MMBAKMoney Manager Expense & Budget Backup
.DBXDropbox Encrypted Database File
.SDCParagon Dictionary Database File
.GRDBGramps Database File
.LUMINARLuminar 4 Catalog Database
.NNTEudora Address Book File
.ABXWordPerfect Address Book
.AQAncestral Quest Database File
.ACAncestral Quest Collaborative Database File
.CRYPT10WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.IBDMySQL InnoDB Table
.PQAPalm Query Application
.TNFPTonfotos People Information Database
.MWBMySQL Workbench Document
.SDBOpenOffice Base Database File
.EDBExchange Information Store Database
.NSFLotus Notes Database
.TRCOracle Trace File
.CRYPT6WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.4DD4th Dimension Database Data File
.FPTFileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.MAWAccess Data Access Page
.KDBKeypass Database File
.SCXFoxPro Form
.ADBAlpha Five Database File
.ORAOracle Database Configuration File
.MPDMicrosoft Project Database
.CRYPTWhatsApp Encrypted Database
.CHCKMicrosoft Exchange Server Database Check File
.SDBMonKey Office SQLite Database File
.NDFSQL Server Secondary Database File
.RPDRIB Project Database File
.IHXIN-HEH Timeline Database
.MDNBlank Access Database Template
.CDBCardScan Contacts Database
.MAQMicrosoft Access Query
.VVVVirtual Volumes View Catalog
.NWDBNeat Database File
.LWXLightwright Database File
.RODXAncestry Genealogical Database File
.LGCSimpleK Database File
.IBInterBase Database
.DB-SHMSQLite Database Shared Memory File
.MYDMySQL Database Data File
.SDBSparkleDB Database File
.CRYPT5WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.ACCDRAccess Runtime Application
.UDBDynamics AX User Database File
.RMGCRootsMagic Data File
.REALMRealm Database
.ABCDDBApple Address Book Contact List
.FMP12FileMaker Pro 12 Database
.MAFMicrosoft Access Form
.BAKMicrosoft SQL Server Database Backup
.VISVisual Importer Script
.CATAdvanced Disk Catalog Database
.QRYQuery File
.PDBPalm Desktop Database File
.ODBAbaqus Output Database
.TPSClarion TopSpeed Data File
.RCTDRabbitCT Dataset
.SDYStarMoney User Database File
.MDBHTMLMicrosoft Access Database HTML File
.CMATM1 Exported Cube File
.DB2dBASE II Database
.DADRemObjects Data Abstract Driver File
.BACPACCompressed Microsoft SQL Database
.TSDTamino Schema
.FTBFamily Tree Builder Genealogy Database File
.ORXRadiantOne VDS Database Schema
.SPQSPSS Database Query File
.DBTDatabase Text File
.KEXIKexi Database
.NRMLIBNeat Cabinet File
.EPIMEssentialPIM Database File
.CAFCathy Catalog File
.DQYMicrosoft Excel Query
.TRASH_DATABASEFiles by Google Trash Database
.DCXFoxPro Database Index
.PNZPanorama Database Set
.ADEAccess Project Extension
.MRGMySQL Merge File
.SAS7BDATSAS Dataset File
.IPJProFicient SPC Manufacturing Intelligence Project File
.ANBAnalyst's Notebook Chart
.IDBIDA Database File
.NVNewViews Database File
.ECXECCO Corrupted Database File
.ACCDWMicrosoft Access Database Link File
.SBFSuperbase Database
.MFDMusic Finder Database
.FMPFileMaker Pro Database
.JETJET Database File
.TMDMySQL Temporary Database File
.DSKSimple IDs Database
.ADBAbility Database File
.MDTGeoMedia Access Database Template
.MUDTextease Multi User Database
.CKPSQL Server Checkpoint File
.RSDRealSQLDatabase File
.FP4FileMaker Pro 4 Database
.NS2Lotus Notes 2 Database
.ODLOneDrive Event Log
.DADIAGRAMSRemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File
.RBFRedatam Binary File
.ERXEntity Relationship Data Model File
.MDZAccess Database Template
.^^^Pervasive.SQL Database File
.FP5FileMaker Pro 5 Database
.WRKSQL Server Log Shipping File
.FM5FileMaker 5 Database
.BC3FIEBDC-3 Database File
.PVOCProVoc Database File
.GWIGroupWise Database Shortcut File
.ADNAccess Blank Project Template
.TVDBTreeView Database
.DABOrangeCD Database File
.KEXICKexi Database Connection File
.P96Win96 Database
.XDBPowerDesigner Database Definition File
.JTXESE Transaction Log
.VPDVoxPro Database File
.MASAccess Stored Procedure
.OWCOutWit Catch Database
.SDAStarMoney User Database Archive
.DBVDatabase Variable Field File
.NS3Lotus Notes 3 Database
.RODAncestry Genealogical Database File
.KNOSuperMemo Knowledge Collection
.DCTFoxPro Database Memo
.EDBWindows Search Index Database
.FKRFree Keylogger Report
.ODLSENTSent OneDrive Event Log
.ICDBIcaros Thumbnail Database
.FOLPFS First Choice Database File
.NS4Lotus Notes 4 Database
.KEXISKexi Database Shortcut File
.FCDFirst Choice Database
.R2DBorland Reflex Database
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